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At KO Boxing Gloves we feel strongly that quality of the product always comes before looks. That being said, if you like two different products equally, looks could be the deal breaker. Furthermore, categorizing by looks and still placing emphasis on quality, it is definitely possible to find a great balance between the two.

The goal of this page is to address a common request, which is to summarize and review the best pink boxing gloves. Often times this is synonymous with best women’s boxing gloves, but that is not to say you have to be female in order to wear these. The reason we point this out is because even though they are often categorized as “Women’s boxing gloves”, the only difference in functionality is that they are lighter, usually under 14oz. So if you like a pair of these pink boxing gloves, go for it! If you like a pair but don’t want pink, there’s a good chance you can find the same or similar pair in a different color.

The table below summarizes some of the most popular pink boxing gloves. We highlight some of the boxing gloves in more specific detail below the table. For a more general overview of some great boxing gloves, please click here.


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Pink Boxing GlovesPrice Range Average Customer RatingSummary
Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves
$Dense two layer foam padding with patented 'Thumb-Lok' feature for good hand/thumb protection. Standard wrap-around hook-and-loop closure. Natural shape conforms to hand.
Everlast Women's ProTex2 Training Gloves

Everlast Women's ProTex2 Training Gloves
$$Basically an upgrade of the Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves. ProTex2 stabalization technology for added wrist support, EverDri liner for increased comfort and decreased odor, C3 foam technology maximizes protection.
UFC Women's Boxing Gloves

UFC Women's Boxing Gloves 10oz
$$Mostly available in 10oz. Flomotion palms aid in sweat absorption. Cushioned hand bars help delay fatigue. Standard hook-and-loop closure. Ok quality for price. Main con is limitation on sizes.
Rival Fitness Bag Gloves

Rival Fitness Bag Gloves 500
$$$High density multi-layered foam padding for solid protection. Ergo Strap System for good support. Durable nylon inner lining. More expensive, but all around better quality.
Century Pink 10oz Boxing Glove w/ Diamond Tech

Cenutry Pink 10oz Boxing Glove with Diamond Tech
$$Decent glove with all the standard features, but nothing more. High density multi-layered foam with curved construction, hook-and-loop closure, cushioned grip bar and tied thumb. General consensus: Very comfortable with adequate protection and performance.
Proforce Leatherette Boxing Gloves

Proforce Leatherette Boxing Gloves 500
$N/AOften only available in 14oz. Not the best quality, but very affordable. All standard features, these gloves are best suited for those who will only use them on occasion or for light workouts.
Meister Pro Boxing Gloves w/ Wrist Support

Meister Pro Boxing Gloves with Wrist Support
$$Double-stitched with a very durable synthetic leather body and high-density multi-layered foam padding. Solid wrist support and molded inside. Pink is usually only available in 12oz. Zip-up case for storage included. Overall solid quality for the price.
Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves
$$Tapered wrap-around closure provides nice support, with standard hook-and-loop system. Ventilated Stay-Dri lining in palm and thumb help keep the gloves dry and comfortable. Two inch thick injected molded foam technology for great protection and durability. Size selection is limited.
TITLE Safari Zebra Fitness Gloves

TITLE Safari Zebra Fitness Gloves 500
$$$Available in pink or purple. Rip-stop Dura-Sheen shell for durability with multi-layered foam for good protection. Palms are nylon mesh for better airflow. Inside liner is satin nylon which helps repel sweat. Wider than usual hook-and-loop closure facilitates snug and supportive fit. Great, but sparse, customer reviews.
RDX Ladies Pink Gel Boxing Gloves

RDX Ladies Pink Gel Boxing Gloves 500
$$$N/AGel-lining and multi-layered injected molded foam for great protection. Standard hook-and-loop closure. Overall, specs are good and RDX is a solid brand, but lack of customer reviews implies more risk for this mid-range price point.


Individual Reviews

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Women's Pro Style Training GlovesThese pink Everlast boxing gloves have all the standard features that you would hope to find in a pair of boxing gloves. This includes the dense two-layer foam padding and a patented ‘Thumb-Lok’ feature for added protection. The natural shape of the glove conforms to the hand and the hook-and-loop strap facilitates a snug fit.

There are lots of great reviews of these boxing gloves out there. In general, smaller gloves can often be a little more difficult to fit, so it is recommended that you own a pair of hand wraps with these gloves. Hand wraps not only aid in protection and proper form, but if the gloves are not tight enough the hand wraps can be used to create a more snug fit.

Another bonus associated with the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves is the cost. The actual price can vary, but on usually has these gloves on sale and in stock.

Everlast Women’s ProTex2 Training Gloves

Everlast Women's ProTex2 Training GlovesAs mentioned in the summary section of the table above, the Everlast Women’s ProTex2 Training Gloves are basically an upgrade of the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves.

Made of 100% synthetic vinyl, the ProTex2 stabalization technology system offers better wrist protection and comfort. The EverDri liner and EverCOOL strategic airflow cool, dry, and comfortable. Additionally, the C3 foam technology maximizes grip and punching power, but also provides increased cushioning and support.

These are great boxing gloves for performance and protection, but it comes at a slightly higher cost. These features would imply that the durability of these gloves are also better, but there are a number of customers who do not notice any added benefit over other gloves of a similar price point.

Overall, these are recommended boxing gloves, as they are fairly proven and the price range is quite good.

Rival Fitness Bag Gloves

Rival Fitness Bag Gloves 500Rival is a quality brand of boxing gloves. These are great for hitting the punching bag, as they are constructed with synthetic leather and have a pre-formed pro fit. The Ergo Strap System wrist attachment provides nice support and is easy enough to do up and take off, although it can be a little tricky at first.

The high density multi-layered foam padding offers good protection like most other boxing gloves, and the nylon inner lining is quite durable. At a slightly higher price point, these great quality boxing gloves in all aspects (performance, comfort, protection).

We highly recommend these boxing gloves, but only if they can easily fit in your budget. If it’s a tight squeeze, consider something slightly cheaper but still of nice quality, like the Everlast Women’s ProTex2 Training Gloves or the Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves.

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

Ringside Apex Boxing GlovesThe Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves have a tapered wrap-around closure system that also provides nice wrist support. The hook-and-loop closure ensures that they are fairly easy to take on and off. The Stay-Dri lining in the palm and thumb helps keep these boxing gloves dry and comfortable.

These boxing gloves place an emphasis on protection with two inch thick injected molded foam technology. This can also help with durability. Be aware, size S/M = 8oz and size L/XL = 12 oz.

These pink Ringside boxing gloves offer good performance and durability with great protection. The main disadvantage is that there are limited sizes. Overall, these boxing gloves are definitely worth considering, especially if protection is what you’re after. Good bang for your buck.

TITLE Safari Zebra Fitness Gloves

TITLE Safari Zebra Fitness Gloves 500The TITLE Safari Zebra Fitness boxing gloves are available in pink or purple. They have a rip-stop Dura-Sheen shell for durability, as well as multi-layer foam padding for good protection.

The palms of the boxing gloves are made of nylon mesh to allow for better airflow, and the inside liner is satin nylon which helps repel sweat and moisture.

The full wrap-around wrist strap with a wider than usual hook-and-loop closure offers a snug and very supportive fit. The customer reviews are all great, but there aren’t many of them, so take that with a grain of salt.

Overall, these are top rated pink or purple boxing gloves that offer great support, good protection and durability, all with a unique look. The cost is a little bit higher than most other pink boxing gloves, but the quality is definitely there.

Tutorial: How to Put on Hand Wraps

There are a couple times on this page that we suggested owning a pair of hand wraps. This is always our recommendation, but in the context of this article, hand wraps could be extra important for creating the snug fit that you desire with your boxing gloves. This is important because sometimes boxing smaller boxing gloves can be a little bit more difficult to fit.

Check out this great tutorial on how to properly put on hand wraps: