Top 5 Speed Bag Gloves

As requested by some of our visitors, we have decided to provide an overview of the best speed bag gloves on the market. We have decided to put this article in the boxing gloves category, but for more information about speed bags themselves, please click here. Similarly, for speed bag swivels, click here.

Speed bag gloves are a little weird in that there isn’t one definitive type of glove for speed bags. For example, some boxing companies design gloves specifically for speed bags and market them as such, whereas other companies may create a gel-padded glove that resembles hand wraps, and therefore may be used under conventional boxing gloves as well.

In any case, before deciding which gloves you need for the speed bag, we suggest that you think about what you need for your boxing training in general. For example, if you are planning on getting a pair of hand wraps as well as speed bag gloves, then maybe gel-padded hand wraps would be best for you, as you could use them for both. On the other hand, maybe you already have hand wraps that you are happy with and want something specifically for the speed bag, in which case a more beefy glove design would be suitable.

Check out our review below of what we consider to be the Top 5 speed bag gloves available!

1. Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps

1 Everlast Evergel Hand Wraps

The EverGel protector provides state-of-the-art gel protection over the knuckles. Now, it’s worth noting that you typically don’t hit a speed bag straight on the knuckles like you would with a heavy bag. instead, you usually feel more impact on the pinky side of your hand. However, the gel padding does still cover a good chunk of this area, and the rest is protected with a comofrtable neoprene material.

The elasticity of the material and the velcro wrist strap combines to allow an optimal and anatomical fit that feels quite snug. Therefore, in addition to being a good pair of speed bag gloves, they are also great hand wraps that can be worn under conventional boxing gloves, which is actually their primary purpose.

Overall, we think these are good speed bag gloves that double to serve as very protective hand wraps. So if you are looking for multipurpose hand wraps that can serve as good protection for the speed bag as well, then there’s great quality in these! For the pink version of the Everlast EverGel hand wraps, please click here.

2. Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves

2 Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves

These speed bag gloves can be considered more specialized to speed bag exercises, as we don’t really recommend these as hand wraps to go under normal boxing gloves. They are made out of leather with lots of protection around the fist and knuckle area. They are a little more condensed than the Everlast EverGel wraps, so they can help maintain a good “pop” when hitting the speed bag. They are actually very lightweight as well given they are made completely of leather, and the hook-and-loop wrist strap is easy to use.

The main reason we don’t recommend these to double up as hand wraps is because the leather construction can be uncomfortable and quite hot under boxing gloves. Additionally, they are constructed with more dispersed padding to allow optimal protection on the speed bag, but this design usually isn’t very conducive to fitting well under boxing gloves. Additionally, there isn’t much wrist support, which is definitely key when hitting a heavy bag. Standard hand wraps can be brought well below the wrist to provide optimal and individualized wrist support.

Overall, if you already have a pair of hand wraps that you like, and just want something more specific to the speed bag, then we definitely recommend these speed bag gloves. Title is a reliable boxing brand, and other than comments about them taking a few sessions to break in and loosen up, they are very well reviewed by many customers.

3. Meister Gel-Padded ProWrap Gloves

4 Meister Gel Padded Pro Wrap Gloves

For all intents and purposes, these should be considered hand wraps, but may be sufficient to double as speed bag gloves depending on your preferences. They are meant to be worn under MMA gloves or boxing gloves, but provide ample protection with a gel-integrated aero foam padding on the knuckles and a thick wrist wrap for good wrist support, as well as thick padding on the back of the hands and fist.

They are quite comfortable, as the elastic carbon-fiber material conforms to the shape of your hand and the thumb hole and individual finger holes allow for ease of use. The latter point is emphasized in many customer reviews, with some people noting that they are great if you don’t have much time to workout and simply want something that is really quick to put on and take off. In this case, the convenience makes it really easy to get right into your workout.

Overall, these are similar to the Everlast EverGel hand wraps in that they aren’t solely for the speed bag, but may offer better protection than normal hand wraps, so if you need both, they could be a great option. Plus, the fact that they are reasonably cheap means they could be good to try even if you are just curious.

4. Harbinger 320 WristWrap Bag Gloves

5 Harbinger 320 WristWrap Bag Gloves

These are more heavy duty than the gel-padded hand wraps that we reviewed above, and as such, are actually considered to be bag gloves. They don’t offer the same type of protection that traditional hand wraps combined with boxing gloves provide, but they are easy and convenient gloves that serve many purposes.

These gloves are good for the speed bag because they cover the entire hand and provide a nice foam padding over the knuckles and fist. Although this padding does not cover the entire pinky side of the hand, it does extend out from the fingers enough that they do offer good protection. The wrist support is not as good as a lot of conventional boxing gloves, but there is some, so for light bag work, and particularly the speed bag, there is more than enough support.

Overall, we recommend these if you already have a pair of hand wraps and want something that can be used on many different types of punching bags, including the speed bag. Customer reviews are mixed, mainly because different people use them for different exercises, but generally speaking people think they are pretty good for the price. However, if you want something only for the speed bag, we would probably still go with the Title Boxing Speed Bag Gloves that we reviewed above, or the gel-padded hand wraps if you need a pair of hand wraps as well.

5. Revgear Gel Hand Wraps

6 Revgear Gel Hand Wraps

These are very similar to the gel-padded hand wraps we reviewed above, but with some subtle differences. The first key difference is that these gloves provide a little more more wrist support than some other glove-style hand wraps. The wrist strap is 120″, fully adjustable, and an easy hook-and-loop closure style.

The glove itself is constructed with lightweight neoprene that fits tot he shape of your hand contains Rev-Tech Gel that provides extra protection. These gloves are similar to some of those reviewed above, in that the gel lining doesn’t go around the entire hand, but still offers good protection on the side. In fact, they are actually marketed as hand wraps for under conventional boxing gloves or speed bag gloves, and therefore are truly multipurpose.

The general consensus from customers is that they are solid for what they are, but nothing overly special. They fit well under gloves, are great on their own for speed bag work, but nothing jumps out as being incredible. Therefore, we put these on par with the Everlast EverGel hand wraps.

Why Do You Need Speed Bag Gloves?

Well, to be honest, they aren’t totally necessary. Assuming you wear standard hand wraps under your boxing gloves, then you may be ok without speed bag gloves simply by wearing your hand wraps during the speed bag exercises that you do. However, many people who have a history of hand injuries, or those who use the speed bag a lot, may prefer something that will help them avoid hand injuries and simply make the exercise more comfortable.

It also depends on the speed bag that you are using. Sometimes gyms will have speed bags that are a little too hard for your liking, and the only way to make it more comfortable is with more hand protection. In this case, speed bag gloves may be necessary.

In general, speed bag gloves are becoming more popular among recreational and competitive boxers, and as such, there are some really great gloves out there for the speed bag. The speed bag gloves that we reviewed above are not the only ones out there, but provide a snapshot of the different types available and what is most popular at the moment. If you are curious, try them out and see what you think!