Stretching for Boxing

Stretching For Boxing

Stretching is an essential component of fitness, as flexibility has become increasingly recognized as something that directly affects health, wellness, and overall fitness. However, not all stretching is the same, and it’s not quite as simple as saying “stretch as much as you can”, especially if you’re a serious recreational or competitive athlete. Therefore, we … Read more

Is the Sport of Boxing Suffering?

Current Status of Boxing While the majority of our site focuses on boxing equipment, technique, tips and how-to, and other more immediately applicable discussion, we feel it is necessary to address the current state of the sport, which has grown to be a trending topic. Boxing Emphasizes Defense If you are familiar with the sport … Read more

Training at Home

Exercises for Boxing Training We were recently discussing training strategies with our pro boxer buddy Mike, and one of the things we concluded was that it’s not fully well known what supplemental exercises are best for your game. Here’s a summary of the discussion with our consensus on the most effective exercises for boxing that … Read more

Sparring for Beginners

Tips for Starting Out Sparring Are you thinking of joining a boxing gym, or already a member of a gym and are thinking of sparring? Here are a couple tips from a guest contributor: a friend of the website who boxes recreationally, but still quite seriously, so it’s an interesting take. Guest Author: John Thomas … Read more

How to Throw a Left Hook

Proper Technique for Throwing a Left Hook The left hook is a punch that many people have a misconception about when they first start boxing. I’ve often seen people come into the gym thinking that the left hook is more of a wild punch that involves a hard looping swing of the arm, rather than … Read more

How to Throw a Right Cross

Fundamentals of Throwing a Right Cross If you’re a southpaw boxer, then this will be a left cross, but we’ll stay consistent and discuss the fundamentals in terms of a conventional stance. The right cross is, in my opinion, the most fun punch to throw because you can really load it up. If you want … Read more

How to Throw a Jab

How to Throw a Jab It is our opinion that fundamental boxing begins with learning the proper stance and footwork, as this will set the foundation for anything you do. For more about these techniques, please refer to our page about boxing shoes, where we have included lots of of footwork tips, too! ***Note: For … Read more

Boxing for Beginners

Boxing Tips for Beginners We decided to write this article for those who are interested in, or are considering, participating in the sport of boxing. For technique-related how-to articles, please refer to some of our previous posts on the sidebar. How to Look for a Boxing Gym   Getting started in boxing is often the … Read more

How To Put On Hand Wraps

How to Put On Hand Wraps Hand wraps are perhaps the cheapest and most simple piece of boxing equipment you can buy, but they are arguably the most important for protection. You may be fine hitting a particular heavy bag with no hand wraps, but since there is a huge variety in types of heavy … Read more

Joining a Boxing Gym

Are You Thinking About Joining a Boxing Gym? Joining a boxing gym can be a difficult and intimidating process if you are new to boxing. There are a few reasons for this. 1. People often have the preconceived notion that you need to be a tough guy/gal in order to join a boxing gym. 2. … Read more