Best Jump Ropes for Boxing

Why Buy a Jump Rope for Your Workout? One of best pieces of exercise equipment to invest in is a jump rope. Jump ropes are small, affordable, and easy to use. Whether you want to use it at the gym or in front of the TV, it’s one of the best workouts you can participate … Read more

Best Boxing Shoes

Why do you need the best boxing shoes? Although a standard pair of runners may feel ok to train in, there are added benefits to boxing shoes that must be considered by all those participating in some form of boxing training. When I made the switch I noticed a huge difference. I had a more … Read more

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes for CrossFit Earlier in the year we published our review of the best jump ropes for boxing. One note we made prior to that review was that we would not review any jump ropes priced over $20. Our justification for this was that we were focusing on jump ropes for boxing. Generally speaking, … Read more

The Best Focus Mitts for Boxing for 2021

Aspiring Muay Thai fighters, as well as amateurs, convinced that martial arts are a perfect replacement for fitness need an essential piece of equipment. Focus mitts. These mitts are intended to use when training with a partner, and their purpose is to teach you to focus the strikes, and also how to stop them. They … Read more

Best Speed Bags

Why Use a Speed Bag for Your Workout? Although there is not one crucial aspect that makes speed bags absolutely necessary, there are many benefits that incorporating a speed bag into your workout will have, not only for boxing, but also general fitness. As you may have guessed, a speed bag can help with your … Read more

Best Heavy Bags

Finding the Best Heavy Bag for Your Home or Gym Heavy bags come in many different brands, sizes, materials, and vary in quality. Here are some reviews and additional information of the best heavy bags. We hope this helps you find the most appropriate bag for you needs! Tips for Buying a Heavy Bag Hanging … Read more

Best Heavy Bag Stands and Hangers

Why do you need a heavy bag stand, or heavy bag hanger? The reason simple: Most heavy bags do not come with a stand or a proper hanger. Depending on where you plan on using it, if you require extra workout features, and how much money you want to spend, you can use either a … Read more

Best Speed Bag Platforms

Installing a Speed Bag Those who plan on setting up a speed bag at their own home will often acquire a speed bag, an appropriate swivel for hanging their speed bag, maybe a couple spare bladders, and then head home to do the installation. The main problem here is that we left out the platform … Read more

Best Speed Bag Swivels

Why do you need a good speed bag swivel? The most obvious answer to this question is simply so that you can use the speed bag. Click here for our speed bag reviews. Most of the time, when you buy a speed bag it will not come with a swivel, and you will be stuck with a … Read more

Top 5 Speed Bag Gloves

As requested by some of our visitors, we have decided to provide an overview of the best speed bag gloves on the market. We have decided to put this article in the boxing gloves category, but for more information about speed bags themselves, please click here. Similarly, for speed bag swivels, click here. Speed bag gloves are … Read more