Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Gloves

Fairtex was not previously including in our list of best boxing gloves primarily because they focus on Muay Thai, whereas our expertise is classic boxing. However, over time, the gap between Muay Thai and boxing training has shrunk, and many different brands and types of boxing gloves can be used across sports, at least for training.

The main reason we are writing this article is because we feel that Fairtex should be considered one of the best boxing glove brands out there, even though its history is rooted in Muay Thai. If we were to substitute in Fairtex boxing gloves to our list of best boxing gloves, which we will likely do soon, chances are we would remove the pair of Windy boxing gloves that we have featured in our table. Windy boxing gloves can be awesome, but they are generally less well-rounded, which may spark less interest than a more robust brand like Fairtex.

History of Fairtex

Fairtex was established in 1971 by Philip Wong, a man who practiced Muay Thai as a hobby. Fairtex quickly became the most popular and well-respected brand in Thailand, and given Mr. Wong new how much the community has contributed, he gave back by establishing the Fairtex Muay Thai Camp in Bangplee, leading to the development of many great fighters. Eventually, Mr. Wong actually became a Lumpinee Baxing Stadium promoter, and helped increase the international popularity of the sport of Muay Thai. Fairtex gyms still play a large role today!

We wanted to give a brief overview of the history because, in our opinion, knowing a company has actually put in the painstaking time and effort to develop high quality products that they actually care about makes a huge difference. These days it’s quite common for massive companies to buy out other large companies and take over the product line, which may eventually lead to a decrease in the quality of the product. Fairtex, on the other hand, remains true to the sport of Muay Thai and has consistently developed great products for Muay Thai and related combat sports.

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves – Individual Reviews

We would like to feature a couple pairs of Fairtex gloves. There are tons to choose from, so we encourage you to explore on your own as well, but we will provide an overview of some of the best and most popular Fairtex Muay Thai gloves. Please note, we may use both “boxing gloves” and “Muay Thai gloves” in these descriptions, but we consider them interchangeable for this particular instance. For a more general overview of the best boxing gloves overall, please click here.

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves$$

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Boxing Gloves

These are one of the more classic pairs of Fairtex boxing gloves. They are extremely well-rounded and usually hover around a reasonable price point, fairly similar to Hayabusa boxing gloves. Generally speaking, Fairtex offers pretty good value with their products, particularly the Muay Thai Style Boxing Gloves.

These gloves are handcrafted in Thailand, and they can be used for sparring, bag work, and pad work. We usually don’t recommend using the same gloves for sparring as you do for bag work, as the bag work can really wear them down, but at this price point, it’s actually a decent option. Even if they do wear down a little quicker because you are using them for everything, the price isn’t sky-high, so replacing them every so often may not be that daunting of a task financially.

These gloves are made of leather and come with a classic easy-to-use hook-and-loop strap. For sparring, we personally prefer the feel of lace-up gloves, but this can be really inconvenient for bag work or if you are mixing up your exercises a lot. Plus, the difference isn’t that big anyway. We could see some actually preferring the hook-and-loop strap for sparring. All personal preference in this case!

Overall, these Muay Thai style sparring gloves are extremely well reviewed by tons of customers. Lots of people even say they are better than what they were expecting, mainly because they were used to worse gloves that fall apart much more quickly. The seams on these gloves and the dispersion of padding allows for a very comfortable fit, but just as importantly, they offer top notch durability, particularly for the price point. We definitely recommend these gloves if you are looking for something all-purpose and maybe a step above what you are currently using.

Limited Edition Fairtex Boxing Gloves$$

LE Fairtex Boxing Gloves

The vast majority of Fairtex gloves are constructed in the same manner with a similar level of performance, durability, and comfort. One thing they tend to switch up often is the appearance of a particular glove.

This is an example of one of Fairtex “limited edition” gloves. These often feature cool designs and are limited in availability. However, even if they are no longer being distributed by Fairtex themselves, we find Amazon to be a good resource for different styles of Fairtex boxing gloves, so you can often explore lots of different boxing gloves there.

Other limited edition patterns include army print, American flag print, vintage style brown boxing gloves, etc.

Overall, if you are considering switching boxing glove brands, or have been pinching your pennies and are ready to make the next step from a base-level pair of boxing gloves, then we highly suggest Fairtex as a suitable option. Furthermore, if you’re in need of a well-rounded pair of boxing gloves for different types of exercises (e.g. bag work, pad work, and sparring), or if you are involved in Muay Thai or MMA, then we definitely recommend these Muay Thai style boxing gloves!