How To Put On Hand Wraps

How to Put On Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are perhaps the cheapest and most simple piece of boxing equipment you can buy, but they are arguably the most important for protection. You may be fine hitting a particular heavy bag with no hand wraps, but since there is a huge variety in types of heavy bags, you may find yourself in a lot of pain if you move on to a different bag without a pair of hand wraps. For a more detailed explanation of different types of heavy bags, feel free to visit our best heavy bags page.

We have reviewed a few different types of hand wraps in a separate post (click here), but this post is dedicated to showing various methods of putting on your hand wraps. Below you can find various tutorials on different methods of putting on hand wraps. Generally speaking, if it’s they are tight enough to support your wrist and have enough padding to help cushion the knuckles, then the method you choose depends largely on what you find to be the most comfortable.

Easy way to put on hand wraps for boxing


A similar way to put on hand wraps with a few other pointers


Hand Wrapping Basics for Beginners – Long Wraps