Best Boxing Gloves for Training

Finding the Right Boxing Gloves for YOU Are There Any Special Requirements? If you are new member of a boxing club it is always a safe bet to ask if there are any requirements for gloves. For example, as a preventative measure for injury my boxing club requires gloves that have a thumb attachment. This generally … Read more

The Best Focus Mitts for Boxing for 2021

Aspiring Muay Thai fighters, as well as amateurs, convinced that martial arts are a perfect replacement for fitness need an essential piece of equipment. Focus mitts. These mitts are intended to use when training with a partner, and their purpose is to teach you to focus the strikes, and also how to stop them. They … Read more

Best Speed Bags

Why Use a Speed Bag for Your Workout? Although there is not one crucial aspect that makes speed bags absolutely necessary, there are many benefits that incorporating a speed bag into your workout will have, not only for boxing, but also general fitness. As you may have guessed, a speed bag can help with your … Read more