Title Boxing Gloves

The Brand

There is an abundance of boxing gloves on the market, and with so many to choose from it can be difficult to get a good sense of what each brand has to offer, let alone each different pair of boxing gloves. We have summarized the most popular and best boxing gloves out there, but here we want to focus on Title boxing gloves.

Title is a well-established brand in the sport of boxing. On top of gloves, they also offer other gear, apparel, and equipment. Given the wide variety in boxing equipment, Title has established themselves as one of the most recognized brands in boxing, up there with Everlast.

On that note, we often receive the question “What’s better, Everlast or Title?”. This question is really difficult to answer only because it depends on exactly what you will be doing and what your needs are. Generally speaking (that is VERY generally speaking), we find Everlast as a wider range in quality of equipment, so there may be a lower floor (i.e. some products that are awful) and a higher ceiling (some other products that are amazing). Title on the other hand is quite reliable, offering good-excellent products, but nothing out of this world great or bad.

Anyway, if you’re reading this you probably just want to get to the gloves already. So, please find our reviews of the most popular title boxing gloves below. If you have a pair of Title boxing gloves that you love or hate that you don’t see in this article, please let us know and we will be happy to share your experience!

TITLE Boxing Power Weighted Super Bag Gloves

TITLE Boxing Power Weighted Super Bag Gloves 500

These are solid gloves with one primary feature that sets them apart from other gloves: You have the option to add weight to them. They aren’t ideal for sparring, but can definitely add even more variety to your training, especially on punching bags.

These weighted boxing gloves are 12oz without any weights, which is fairly light for training. Usually you want something around closer to 16oz. However, with the ability to add up to 4 extra weights into sockets found on the gloves, you can actually decide for yourself how heavy or light you want them, and this can be altered throughout a single training session.

Whenever I see equipment with features as unique as this (i.e. the ability to add/remove weights from the gloves), I always tend to be skeptical about the overall quality. In this case, these are excellent bag gloves all around, which Title Boxing tends to be fairly strong at producing to begin with. The main complaint noted by customers is the inner lining is usually the first thing to go, becoming separated even after only a couple months of use. However, they tend to be very durable otherwise.

Overall, these are some of the best boxing gloves for increasing speed and power. They come at a bit of a price, but if you need a pair of bag gloves and the removable weights appeal to you, then we definitely recommend these weighted boxing gloves. However, if you are new to weighted gloves, try to ease yourself into them. The added weights can be beneficial, but only if you maintain proper technique and can get through the workout, so just make sure to spend a little time getting used to them and don’t put on too much weight.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves 500

If you have some room in your budget and are looking for a great pair of boxing gloves for bag work, we highly recommend that you at least consider these Title gel boxing gloves. We took a peek on Amazon to see how popular they are on that site, and with 116 reviews the average customer rating is 4.8/5, which is awesome (96 people rated them 5/5, 16 people rated them 4/5, 3 people rated them 3/5, 0 people rated them 2/5, and only 1 individual rated them 1/5).

As the name implies, the unique characteristic of these Title boxing gloves is the inner gel lining which is combined with multiple layers of foam that can be found in most gloves. The inner lining is nice for keeping your hands as cool and dry as possible. The adjustable wrist strap is simple, yet secure, so a good balance of both worlds.

Overall, these are some of the best bag gloves available. In addition to the protection and comfort that the inner gel lining provides, these are very durable boxing gloves. Many customers even mention they have worn out a heavy bag before wearing out the gloves. Not too shabby! Therefore, if you’re looking to prioritize protection and durability, particularly for heavy bag training, then we highly recommend these Title gel boxing gloves.


Check out the video below for Jason Strout’s (State Boxing Champion and experienced trainer) take on these boxing gloves. He agrees with our review for the most part, but he makes some important cautionary points of his own. Protection isn’t necessarily the same throughout the glove. He notes that the protection on the knuckles is amazing, but the wrist support isn’t great. Additionally, the added protection up front makes them a little top-heavy, but that could simply be a matter of getting used to them. Therefore, while anyone can get great use out of the gloves, they may not be the best for those with a history of wrist injuries. Credit to Jason and NY Times for providing an honest review.

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves


The Title Pro Style Leather Training Gloves were the runner-up for our Best Value award in our ‘Best Boxing Gloves for Training’ review (Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves were the winner). If it wasn’t for the Everlast gloves being slightly cheaper, these would have definitely taken the cake.

These are good boxing gloves in general, but for the price range they can be considered top rated boxing gloves. There aren’t any special features or flashy characteristics. Simply put, they provide excellent bang for your buck.

The full grain leather shell makes them very durable, and the multi-layered foam lining provides decent protection. The gel gloves we reviewed above are way better for protection, but that also comes at a higher cost, so it really depends on your budget. Additionally, the satin nylon inner hand compartment helps repel moisture to keep your hands as dry as possible.

The main, and really only, complaint that some customers have is that the inner lining (the satin nylon hand compartment) can start to separate after a couple months of use. It is likely that this can be the case, as they are on the lower end of cost, but this can also be facilitated by improper fit, overuse, and improper technique.

Overall, these are great boxing gloves for anyone, but perhaps slightly better suited to beginner-intermediate boxers based on the price point. Advanced boxers will have a better idea of the smaller features they require and will often be willing to spend more on improved performance. If you decide to go with these gloves, we recommended being prepared for the inner lining of the hand compartment to start to fall apart after a few months, but also don’t be surprised if they last much much longer than that!


This is simply a snap shot of the range in quality that Title has to offer. We actually haven’t come across any Title boxing gloves that are known to be bad, so it’s a pretty reliable boxing brand. If you browse around on sites like Amazon you will find many different types of Title boxing gloves, most of which are variations of the gloves we reviewed above. At the end of the day, it simply comes down to your needs and your budget, but fortunately this brand has lots to offer. Good luck!