Training at Home

Exercises for Boxing Training

We were recently discussing training strategies with our pro boxer buddy Mike, and one of the things we concluded was that it’s not fully well known what supplemental exercises are best for your game. Here’s a summary of the discussion with our consensus on the most effective exercises for boxing that you can do at home.


This is a no-brainer, but an interesting point many people have in common is that other types of cardio-endurance exercises just don’t seem to match the gains from running. We find it most effective to do a long distance/lower intensity run 2-3 days/week, and if possible, spend 1 day/week on interval training (slow running with regular intervals of sprinting).


This is a really popular exercise for boxers, whether it be briefly in warm up or full on during a conditioning stint. Many different variations of this exercise exist, but it always involves a combination of push-ups, vertical jumps, and squats. The fact that this is whole-body workout mimics boxing well, and it’s an insanely exhausting workout. You won’t need to do many to feel the burn and it’s a great way to track your conditioning. Check out this detailed demonstration from XHIT Daily below:



This is a way more simple exercise that targets the entire and helps build muscular strength, endurance, and overall core stability. It’s one of the more fundamental exercises that is really good for anyone, but it plays a key role in boxing especially when it comes to enduring an opponent or sparring partner who throws a lot of body shots. The main downside is that there isn’t really any cardio involved, but regardless, it’s an essential exercise that should be incorporated into everyone’s training regime.


sbridgeWe recommend starting with reps and holding each rep until youbegin to feel a decent burn. Use this a gauge for your starting and add 5 seconds to each rep each day you perform this exercise. A good goal to have in mind is achieving a 1 minute rep. Once you’re there you’ll have a good enough handle to know how much you can increase the reps by. Once you feel good with it, try working in a side bridge for an all-encompassing core workout.