Winning Boxing Gloves

Winning boxing gloves are amazing, no question about it. To see how they compare with other brands, click here. They are extremely well constructed, very durable, well-distributed padding with great protection up front, and they are available in lace-up style or the convenient velcro strap style as well.

Winning Boxing Gloves (16oz) – Lace-Up


Although you don’t see them that often in official boxing matches, Winning boxing gloves are often coveted by fighters during training. One prime example is Floyd Mayweather Jr., who has been known to consistently rock these gloves during training. We aren’t exactly sure why you don’t see them a lot in professional fights, at least in North America, but we suspect it’s a combination of sponsorship issues as well as the substantial protection (potentially decreased punching power).

Winning Boxing Gloves (16oz) – Velcro Strap

Winning boxing gloves velcro

There are two main downsides to these gloves. First, they are crazy expensive. It is unlikely that a recreational, amateur, or recently-declared professional boxers are going to dish out $400+ for a pair of boxing gloves. For a fraction of the cost you can get a solid pair of Cleto Reyes, Hayabusa, TITLE, really any other brand. Simply put, the increase in quality for Winning boxing gloves is not proportional to the increase in price.

The other downside is lack of company presence in North America. If you go to their USA website, it is surprisingly terrible given their excellent products. We are very hesitant to say that returns/exchanges to the company directly would be easy, but then again, we don’t know of anyone who has ever needed to go this route.

Here is a list of pros and cons of Winning boxing gloves:


– Superior protection

– Extremely well designed and constructed

– Awesome durability

– Amazingly comfortable

– Lace-up or velcro

– Rated 5/5 by every single customer who reviewed the product on (as of Jan 30 2015)

– Classy old-school look


– Very expensive

– Lack of company presence in the United States, at least so it seems

Overall Recommendation

We HIGHLY recommend these gloves if you are a professional boxer who trains consistently, or anyone looking for an amazing set of boxing gloves that don’t care about the cost. There’s definitely a noticeable difference compared to all other brands, but if you are on a tight budget and don’t need the extra protection, comfort, or durability, we would suggest sticking with a more moderately-priced pair of gloves, like Hayabusa, TITLE, or Everlast.